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  • Paul Widdrington

Wi-Fi 6 and Data Cabling Quick Read

Wi-Fi 6 provides four times faster average throughput compared to Wi-Fi 5, with data rates exceeding 5 Gb/s, increasing speed and capacity.

Wi-Fi 6 requires two high-bandwidth IT cabling uplink connections that enhance remote powering capability.

Wi-Fi 6 can operate at either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, supporting a larger volume of mobile devices in close environments.

For those responsible for implementing a Wi-Fi 6 network, it is crucial to understand the technological changes and implications for the wired cabling. The full potential of Wi-Fi 6 can only be realised with the use of High Bandwidth wired infrastructure.

To support the high data speeds of Wi-Fi 6 and the POE power requirement of 30 Watts DC, two Category 6A circuits to each wireless access point (WAP) are required. Dual Category 6A cable will also provide better thermal stability when bundled in 24 or less cables.

The RJ45 connectors for Wi-Fi should comply to IEC 60512-99-001 ensures that contact seating surfaces are not damaged when plugs and jacks are unmated under these PoE current loads.

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